Task: to come up with rules for the design of online banners and offline advertising.

Kitfort is a company that sells home appliances and likes to stand out. To make its advertising recognizable and instantly readable, guidelines for creating online banners and print ads were developed at the studio.

Online banners

Universal rules for creating advertising banners were created for Kitfort. They help create a recognizable branded banner of any format. The informal cherry on top is the cool friendly whale, the company’s mascot.

kitfort ads phone

kitfort ads laptop

Friendly offline

Print advertising has also been transformed: now there are strict rules for element arrangement.

Friendly Kitfort posters full of gentle care are placed in offline stores. “I care about your health,” a blender seems to say, encouraging to make a wise purchase.

kitfort ads poster

Billboards are also designed in a unified style.

kitfort ads board

The guide contains detailed instructions on correctly designing any type of advertising.

art director

designer and typesetter


project manager

Made in 14 days
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