Task: to design a website for a Russian manufacturer of home appliances.
assembled and populated by the client

Kitfort produces appliances for kitchen and home. The endlessly cute online shop helps choose the products.

Rich main page

New products, information about the company and customer feedback are brought together into a consistent and useful story on the main page.

Products of the month that were liked more than others, votes for the best photo and themed collections are peppered with comments of the mascot, a striped whale that tells all sorts of interesting things about Kitfort. The whale is so cool, it will melt even the coldest heart.

Kitfort has a large and very active community. For example, when there is a contest for the best photo of the month, people post their photos with company’s products and then vote for them together (and the winner gets a prize).

Voting is now done in the form of a mini game, making participating even more fun.

Diverse product pages

In addition to the obvious and useful information about the product, pages includes factoids, manuals and excerpts from the latest reviews. New products are marked with special stickers.

Layout of the pages changes depending on their content, while the flexible modular system makes each page special and interesting.

The amount of information available is different for each product. Some devices have a lot of video reviews and Instagram photos, others less. That’s why some of the blocks are variable: they are created by combining modules to fill the space in the best way possible.

Photos from the real life show how well Kitfort products look in kitchens, rooms, apartments and houses. And of course make you want to buy them.

Catalog as a magazine

Instead of being laid out in tiles, as is the case in almost all online stores, product cards alternate in size, color and quantity in a row.

Product filters are smart, instead of showing up all at once, they only appear when needed: first you need to open the desired category. This allows for easy and simple browsing of all products.

Large photos of appliances are complemented by a variety of pleasant things: slogans, videos, quotes from fresh reviews and photos from Instagram.

kitfort site item

The interesting page structure is maintained on mobile devices. To make the website easier to view, side navigation and filters hide behind a curtain that can be reopened with a single tap.

Made in 84 days
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