Task: to create a packaging system.

Kitfort sells appliances for kitchen and home. All of them are now beautifully packaged.

Before starting, we conducted a large study and found that 71% of customers perceive packaging as part of the product, which is why it is important to ensure that people enjoy packaging at all stages of making a purchase. We have to make sure they feel joy when placing an order in an online store, impatiently waiting for delivery and unpacking it.

Packaging types

Kitfort has several types of products: for home, kitchen, children and health. For each type we created a signature color making it easier for employees to locate products on shelves and in warehouses.

kitfort package render

Kitchen appliances

Kettles, toasters, microwave ovens and other kitchen gadgets come in stylish black boxes.

For children

Gadgets for children have bright colored boxes.

Home appliances

Packaging for home appliances is made of ordinary corrugated cardboard. It’s all about feeling natural, cozy and invoking associations with home.

Beauty products

Packaging for hair dryers, curlers and straighteners, face massagers and other things that make people more beautiful are colored in pleasant light green color.

Each package has a speech bubble with a cute introduction of the product inside.

“Hey, I clean teeth so well, buy me!” an electric toothbrush is trying to say from the shelf.

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