Magus microscopes identity and design


Magus is a line of professional microscopes produced by Levenhuk that are used in universities, hospitals, research institutes, forensic laboratories, as well as in factories and water processing plants. In a word, everywhere where every little detail is important.

Magus is designed to replace devices of foreign brands that left Russia, and to enter the market, it needs appropriate graphic support. We came up with it all: a logo, case and packaging design.

The idea is based on a visualization of how a light beam is refracted by optics. The laconic symbol also references the first letter of the name, simultaneously resembling a bow tie that a Nobel laureate wears to the award ceremony, thus emphasizing the professional level of the products.

The image of rays is so simple and universal that it can easily go beyond the logo and cover the entire available surface of any media.

The refined and discreet two-tone coloring of the case in combination with a shiny chrome nameplate distinguishes Magus devices from the competition.

Since the devices are not cheap, the protective cover becomes an important detail. It is also branded and reminds of the device it covers, even when it’s hidden.

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Made in 33 days
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