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Brand identity for Ermenrich measuring instruments

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Ermenrich is a brand of construction tools with German heritage. The product line includes a variety of devices for both professional and hobby use: laser rangefinders, measuring tapes, humidity and gas sensors and laser levels. We have developed a logo, marketplace branding, packaging design and photo style for the brand.

The emblem refers to traditional heraldry: it combines a tower wall, shaped like the letter E, a shield and a bull’s head inscribed within it. All of this derives from the brand’s legend.

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Black color and bright yellow spots on packaging, instruments and web layouts create a powerful visual contrast, a technique from the construction industry that helps quickly identify the needed item amidst building materials.

The element in the form of a white frame also pertains to construction, marking and precision: it highlights specific details in the design.

Various branding templates on marketplaces distinguish the products in the lineup and attract attention. It’s immediately clear: this brand is trustworthy.

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A set of icons for product cards and packaging created based on the logo informs about the features of the devices.

The brand identity sets the photo style. The guide provides detailed descriptions of rules for establishing composition, using lighting and shade and selecting models.

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