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Levenhuk manufactures optical instruments under its own brand and sells equipment of world famous brands. The company’s catalog includes microscopes, binoculars, telescopes, planetariums, weather stations and night vision devices.

The studio designed a spectacular website for the western division of the company in two versions, for wholesalers and for private buyers. It is intended for the audience from Europe, Turkey, USA and Mexico and is translated into ten languages.

Visual solution

The graphic concept is based on the recognizable logo that is well known in Europe and America.

Dynamic strokes
Round shapes
Bright accents

These simple and straightforward, yet highly expressive, techniques allow to create eye-catching and memorable interface elements.

The overall style is further enhanced by a set of slightly asymmetrical icons inspired by the logo.

Being a partner is profitable

The promo page of the website for corporate customers convincingly explains the advantages and terms of working with Levenhuk.

levenhuk site about

Interactive blocks engage potential partners and clearly demonstrate the benefits:

Since the main goal of every supplier is to make money, the sales chart and the purchase margin indicator are front and center on the personal account page.

A minimalist feed of promotions and updates together with grouped media content keep users from getting lost.

Being a customer is interesting

The version of the online store for private buyers is different in that the focus of the main page is on the products and their combinations.

levenhuk site optical

To make the website more exciting, catalog search results always contain interactive elements.

levenhuk site main

In the product card, high-resolution photos expand to fill the screen, all you need to do is scroll down the page.

levenhuk site st70

The blog is lavishly decorated with accent contrasting elements that keep the reader engaged.

levenhuk site eye
Made in 196 days
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