Lykhny identity

Task: to attract people to a village.

Lykhny is a village in Abkhazia that has existed for over fifteen hundred years. In the 10th century Abkhazian kings Leon and Dmitry came here to stay in their summer palace, while Chachba princes used it as their residence. There’s definitely a lot to see here.

The tourist logo combines and reflects the main symbols of the place. In the center is the Lykhnashta square which becomes a place of a harvest festival every October. On both sides the village is surrounded by mountains and the sea.

An open palm is the ancient national symbol of Abkhazia: the flag of the republic shows a palm as a sign of hospitality of the locals.

lykhny flag

Elements of the logo look great on souvenirs, jars of Abkhazian jam and even photos with views of Lykhny.

lykhny photos

All major landmarks of the village are shown on the tourist map of the historical complex of Lykhnashta. There is a chapel built in memory of the dead Cossacks, the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God, and the Princely Palace. The map greets visitors on the sign by the entrance, is printed in guidebooks and “speaks” to visitors in three languages: Abkhazian, Russian and English.

lukhny scheme

A special typeface based on the soft and open Shlange face is used for all media. In addition to the Cyrillic and Latin characters, fourteen letters specific to the Abkhazian alphabet were created.

lykhny girl

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Made in 15 days
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