Interface for Topmedia screens in MCD cars

Task: to create the interface of information screens for MCD cars.

Very soon a new mode of transport will appear in Moscow: Moscow Central Diameters (MCD). These are overground Metro lines that will go through the city instead of around it. The first two diameters will open at the end of 2019—beginning of 2020. These two new routes will be served by Ivolga, the newest type of city train.

Ivolga cars are equipped with a system of information screens that contain details about the route and media content. The screens were created by Topmedia while the design of their interface was developed at the studio.

mcd cover

Over the door screens

Screens above the doors are simply huge, with a width of 1,5 meters (5 feet) they work great to show the train’s route. Train movement and current location can be easily seen from anywhere in the car thanks to the large text and animation.

mcd door 02

Dark theme

In addition to the traditional white interface, we also proposed a striking dark design. Train route looks great on black background which causes less strain to passengers’ eyes.

In-car screens

The over the door screens are supplemented by in-car screens. They are located under the ceiling or at the ends of each car.

The screens are positioned perpendicular to the direction of travel which makes them especially well suited for showing which side the doors will open on.

mcd passage

The mascot

A new mascot, Ivolga bird, was created specifically for MCD cars. The bird shows up to illustrate text messages, for example to point out which side the doors will open on or to warn that they are about to close.

The system can automatically determine the number of passengers in a car and recommend to move to a less crowded one.

art director and illustrator


motion designer




project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Topmedia experts for their help with the project
Made in 29 days
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