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National Projects of Russia website 2.0

Task: to fill a website with useful information.

The National Projects of Russia website is growing fast, evolving from a beautiful cover page into a convenient and useful tool. Which is why it required an update of its structure and a refresh of its visual style. The changes start with the main page which now features a news feed, succinct descriptions of projects and initiatives, opportunities for every citizen and key statistics indicators.

The national projects page has also transformed to match the main page. The new tabs help find the right project, while the rotating news feed allows to follow its development.

Product pages became fresher and friendlier thanks to the addition of side navigation, denser card layout and better presentation of content. Stories about important events and key factoids help dig deeper into the details.

Sections of the website acquired new interactive elements. A convenient interactive map was created for the Housing and Urban Environment project, allowing visitors to explore objects created under the project and get complete information about them.

Each object now has its own page that contains a description of its features and the results of work that has been performed.

Stories about initiatives that were organized and opportunities that were provided are placed on separate pages with all the details: statistics, inserts and cross-links.

  • The studio wishes to thank the team of ANO National Priorities, and especially Mikhail Shumakov, Anna Parkhimovich and Evgeny Shakh for their help with the project
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