To come up with a design of wall panels for remote control systems.

Nero Electronics develops and produces devices for automated remote control of various objects. Design of wall panels that allow to open and close gates and blinds, turn lights on and off, adjust heating, ventilation and temperature all without leaving the house was created at the studio.

nero wall_panels explode
Wall panels are powered by two CR2032 batteries that can operate for seven years without replacement. Panel dimensions: 80×80×8 mm (3,14″×3,14″×0,3″)

The panels are kept in place by magnet holders attach to walls via double sided tape. No drilling is required to install the panels. Thanks to the magnet holders, panels can be easily moved or used as portable remotes.

Four panel designs were created: with one, two or three buttons as well as with three buttons and a timer. All panels can be programmed.

nero wall_panels switch_black new
nero wall_panels switch_white new
Black and white panels are available

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art director

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