Task: to develop a smart home server.

A true “smart” home is when you’re sitting at your desk at the office and can control temperature in your kid’s room and lower blinds in the living room. But a phone is not enough to control the smart devices. You need a server. A hub that can connect up to 100 devices over different channels was designed at the studio for Nero Electronics.

The hub is equipped with four Wi-Fi and radio antennas, and inserting a SIM card allows it work over cellular networks as well. The hub can notify the owner of an emergency via text messages, for example if there is a leak or a door sensor was triggered. The connection works both ways: the owner can send text messages with commands back to the hub. Server state messages are shown on the round display surrounded by the touch ring.

nero hub final
The beautiful black hub can be placed on a horizontal surface or hung on a wall, making sure the smart home has smart looks

The server has a built-in battery that can last for four hours. If power is suddenly cut, the hub will continue to work and notify the owner.

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Made in 22 days
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