Task: to create a design for water meters.

Nero aims to make all home communications beautiful and smart. It would be odd not to have water meter readings automatically sent to the utilities company in the world where you don’t even have to get out of your car at a gas station. The new Nero water meters make a regular home a smart one and a smart one—even smarter.

The electronic meters are smaller than regular ones but have much larger digits on the readout than the traditional analog devices. Inside, all components are mounted on a single board making production very cost-effective. Meters for cold water have a blue insert and for hot water—a red one.

nero counter pipes

The meters automatically send readings to the utilities company. There is a sensor button for initial setup. When it is pressed, a green light comes up briefly on the meter, providing pleasant feedback.

nero counter single

The devices are securely protected against magnet interference which makes it impossible to tamper with readings. Nero brand battery lasts for ten years.

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art director

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Made in 21 days
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