Task: to develop the design of a smart home device.

Nano Relay is a tiny device that plugs into an electrical circuit and turns conventional appliances into smart ones. It is one of the smallest relays on the market.

The device can be used to automate power sockets, lighting, underfloor heating, air conditioning and other smart home features.

The relay receives signals from Nero remote controls and transmits the necessary commands to objects in the system. In addition to that, Nano Relay can work as a dimmer, allowing to smoothly dim the lights or control their brightness.

The device is beautiful in appearance and economical in production. The case is made of plastic. Thanks to the special design, the relay does not require a separate button: it is integrated into the body itself, reducing the cost of manufacturing.

The relay is mounted in the walls along with the wiring or installed in power sockets. Connection takes only a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any additional equipment.

After installation, the relay becomes completely invisible, but the thought that there is such a beautiful device installed somewhere not immediately visible is pleasant in itself.

artistic director

art director

industrial designer



project manager

  • From Nero Electronics


project lead and author of the idea

  • Pavel Prokhorov

chief designer

  • Konstantin Naryshkin
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