to design a smart home device.

Magic Relay is a device created by Nero Electronics that connects to the power line and turns any regular appliance into a smart one. The relay receives signals from Nero remote controls and sends commands to the devices in the system. A beautiful and inexpensive to produce case for the device was created at the studio.

nero relay

The case is made of two panels and an elastic band. The front and back panels of the case are actually the same part that is rotated 180 degrees during assembly bringing down the cost of production considerably. The band is divided into two parts with different textures to ensure in and out wires differ both visually and to the touch.

nero relay socket

The relay can be concealed in electrical sockets, light fixtures or in the walls with the wiring. Connection is quick and easy and doesn’t require additional tools or complex operations. For a device that will remain unseen after it is installed, Magic Relay has a truly beautiful design.

nero relay roof

Four Magic Relay variants are available with different band colors and markings.

nero relay black
Black relay for smart lights has a load capacity of 3500 Watt, unique for its tiny size

nero relay yellow
Designed for blinds, the device with the yellow band contains two relays and five wires. To ensure protection from the elements, the wire terminals have additional collars

nero relay red
The red relay is a dimmer capable of handling loads from 300 to 700 Watt and designed for halogen and LED lamps as well as incandescent bulbs

nero relay blue
Blue relay is a dimmer for LED strip lights operating at 12 or 24 Volt DC current

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