Task: to create a smart home remote.

Nero Electronics manufactures various gadgets for smart homes. Expanding the company’s range of remote control devices, a remote with no captions, pictograms or apparent buttons was designed at the studio.

nero console
Perfect dimensions

The device is very comfortable to hold in hand: its dimensions were specifically chosen to position the thumb in the middle. The ultrathin remote narrows towards the top and the edges making it easy to hold. The corners at the bottom are pleasantly rounded.

nero console interior
The remote is stored on a magnet holder and can be used right on the wall. The holder attaches to the wall with double-sided tape and allows to choose a higher or lower position of the remote

Apart from the more-less and up-stop-down buttons (for example, for blinds), the remote has three buttons for scenes, allowing the owner to store predefined parameters for any occasion. For example, the Romantic Evening scene makes the blinds go down, dims lights and turns on soft music. The Cheerful Breakfast scene, on the other hand, opens curtains, puts on an energetic track and turns on the coffee maker.

nero console battery
Three CR2032 batteries are contained in a neat slot

The remote is produced in two universal colors, white and black.

nero console final

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Made in 28 days
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