Task: to design a three phase electric meter.

Nero produces smart electric meters: accurate, vandal-resistant, automatically transmitting readings to the utility company and inexpensive to manufacture.

Nero SM302 has all the benefits of the beautiful SM101 model but is a three-phase meter.

The meter is securely protected from dishonest consumers by transparent panels. All wires and terminals are immediately visible, so its impossible to open the meter and rewind the readings without breaking the seals. It is also protected from different kinds of tampering from mechanical and magnet to exposure to an electric field. If someone tries to stop the meter, they will be fined.

All the cheaters can do now is pay their bills honestly and cry bitterly about the bygone era of free electricity.

nero electric meter3 two

The meter has a replaceable module that can be used to add any future communication channels or other upgrades. Nero is constantly developing new types of modules, so this kind of meter will never become obsolete.

If necessary, this slot can be used to install the data collection and transmission server. Readings are sent into the cloud and from there to the utility company and the app on the user’s phone.

In Belarus, there are areas where readings from Nero meters are automatically submitted into the unified calculation system. All you need to do is set up automatic payments and forget that your meter ever existed.

nero electric meter3 final

The meter provides a lot of useful information: electric network parameters, time, readings at different rates. The information is displayed on the screen and is cycled using touch buttons. By the way, the screen is very large which allows to see lots of information at once.

Nero SM302 is available in two colors, discreet black and bright green.

artistic director

art director

industrial designers

  • From Nero Electronics


project lead

  • Pavel Prokhorov

chief designer

  • Konstantin Naryshkin
Made in 35 days
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