Paradox corporate messaging app


Paradox is a communication tool built for programmers by programmers. Here at the studio we appreciate the comfort of those who write code and know their needs very well, which is why we designed the perfect messaging app for coders.

Information hub

Programmers who code complex things need the most structured space possible.

Everything that makes the team work in unison—chats, shared files, links, meeting calendars—is logically laid out on the dashboard on the main screen.

Specially for the project we created a knowledge base.

Messages from all chats are collected in a special section, making it easy to find the right idea that came up during discussion.

Thanks to this, team members can learn from each other, help other participants grow and progress through the course of the project together.

Chat communication

Nice features make team communication even faster and more efficient.

Teams   Replies   Threads


The minimalist graphic style doesn’t draw attention, yet looks noticeable and expressive.


User reactions is an important element of the app’s graphic concept.

Bright icons complement the overall look of the screen.


Paradox has a lot of unusual features. That’s why we came up with a cheerful mascot who leaves hints around the interface and makes sure that everything is clear to everyone.


The application has two color schemes, light and dark.

A flexible system of dynamic background settings allows to make the tool truly personal.

Mobile version

The version for smartphones can do all the same things as the primary version, but looks much more compact.

technical designer

motion designer

project manager

Made in 71 days
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