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Tuman agricultural sprayer

Task: to create a modern high-tech agricultural machine.

Tuman is a self-propelled sprayer and spreader developed by Pegas Agro. The machine drives right over plants and sprays them with chemicals. Thanks to the very wide wheels and low-pressure tires, the plants do not get damaged at all!

The design of Tuman is a revolution in the word of agriculture technology.

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Most body parts are made of molded plastic panels. They are much lighter than metal sheets and reduce the machine’s curb weight.

All parts of the sprayer follow a single visual style, adding to Tuman’s modern and high-tech appearance. The additional removable tank does not obstruct access to the ladder or the neck of the main tank.

The maximum area windshield gives the driver an unobstructed view of surroundings.

The geometry of the sprayer is complemented by the repeating diagonal elements of the tank and the combined engine and air conditioning module.

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art director


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Made in 108 days
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