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Task: to demonstrate a company's extensive operations and universal equipment.

Russian company Pegas Agro produces innovative agricultural machinery: Tuman universal machines with replaceable modules that can sow, fertilize and spray field crops.

Modularity is the main feature of Tuman. Which is why the first thing users see on the website is a carousel of self-propelled chassis and matching modules.

All-season operation

Thanks to its modular structure, Tuman can take on a variety of tasks throughout the year. The main page uses facts and figures to explain the advantages of the machine in each of the four seasons.

All types of field work that Tuman can handle have been lovingly illustrated.

pegas tuman 01 stage_tuman__02 pegas tuman 03

Realistic animations are used to explain operation principles of the modules. It is immediately clear how the machines can be used to spray crops with fertilizer or deliver the mixture directly to the roots, spread mineral fertilizer or cover the field with protective agents.

Style and photographs

To emphasize the brutal beauty of Pegas Agro equipment, the self-propelled chassis and modules are shown against bright backgrounds. The impressive photos help explore the mechanisms and inspire to make a purchase.

pegas module block

Visible details

A separate page was created for each chassis and module with detailed and conveniently presented information.

Tables make it easy to see differences between models and options.

Photographs illustrate the tables, demonstrating what each parameter actually means.

Visualizing compatibility between self-propelled chassis and modules could not have been easier: the modules are shown directly on Tuman chassis they are compatible with.

The description of the machines is so beautiful and well-made that we didn’t want to keep it confined to just the website. Which is why all of the pages were typeset in a way that each can be transformed into a ready-made set of layouts for branded booklets and posters.

stas_foto__01 stas_foto__02


To give customers confidence in the quality of the machines, the website has an entire section dedicated to manufacturing. Visitors can see how parts are made, mechanisms are assembled, chassis and modules are painted and how manufacturing processes are constantly improved to make the machines more reliable.

pegas production 01 pegas production 02 pegas production 03 pegas production 04

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