Romantic website

Romantic is a huge marketplace of flowers and gifts in Kazakhstan. A website for the company was created in the studio, neatly gathering in one place the endless range of products offered by hundreds of sellers across the country and increasing the volume of online shopping.

A system of brightly colored cover banners draws additional attention to collections and promotions.

Each seller has a separate page presenting their products.

Every item in the catalog has its own beautiful card with a photo and all the necessary information.

The order status is carefully placed on a convenient personal profile page in the most prominent location. Order history makes it easy to repeat a purchase.

The constructor-like admin page for managing the storefront makes the life of sellers much easier with its simple navigation. In addition, external services can be connected: sellers can receive orders through their own sales analysis systems, while prices and stock are always displayed correctly.

The minimalist design and bright accents form a recognizable image, creating a complete branding system.

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Made in 185 days
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