Sitronics Electro EV charging stations

Every year, the number of electric cars in Russia increases by about 80%: by the end of 2030, every tenth vehicle on Russian roads will be electric-powered. This rapid growth in demand requires infrastructure development, and this is where Sitronics Electro comes in, building a network of charging stations across the country and developing software for them.

se wall

A range of ultramodern charging stations for Sitronics Electro was designed in the studio. They should help the company enter the actively growing market and provide operators with first-class equipment.

se three

The universal design of the devices allows to create stations of different sizes and shapes, while maintaining the recognizable and coherent appearance of the series.

se dc_little

The pleasing pattern for the sides turns ventilation grilles into a full-fledged element of the design.

se big

Since electric cars are associated with the future and innovation, the outline of the stations is sleek and minimalist. At the same time, the well thought-out elements that users interact with and the rounded corners add to the welcoming and friendly feel.

se St_03_1

The backlight system helps find the station in a dark parking lot, shows the status of the device and illuminates important information on the front panel.

se St_prev

The Sitronics Electro charging stations designed in the studio help face the future without worrying whether the innovations will be easy to use.

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