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Sputnik building intercom 2.0

Task: to design an intercom.

The company Sputnik from Skolkovo designs solutions that improve the security of apartment buildings: develops intercoms and an application to control them. The second version of the Sputnik intercom, simple, neat and extremely technological, was designed in the studio.

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The device is equipped with an incredibly large screen which greatly extends its functionality. Residents can get instant notifications (for example, about urgent repair works in the building) and talk to their guests using video: communication and intercom control are performed from the residents’ personal smartphones via a special application.

Sputnik 2.0 incorporates the technical capabilities of several modern devices. To enter the building, you can simply tap a card or use facial recognition. A special button on the keypad allows you to call the virtual assistant Alisa.

sputnik2 02

The updated intercom differs from its predecessor with its minimalist design, and thanks to the thin transition of the frame from the top of the device to the bottom, the intercom looks elegant and holistic, decorating the entrance to the building.

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Made in 55 days
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