Staraya Russa logo

Task: to develop a logo for Staraya Russa.

It is still unknown when Staraya Russa was founded. It was first mentioned in 9th century documents, but archaeological findings indicate that the city existed even before that. Some things, however, we know for sure: that the first birch-bark scroll proving the existence of obscene language in Russia long before the Tatar Yoke was discovered here; that after visiting the city in 1693 Peter the Great commanded to start producing salt; that Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote The Raw Youth and The Brothers Karamazov while he was living here and that the local mineral springs were very appreciated by Ilya Tchaikovsky, father of the famous composer. A logo for Staraya Russa was created at the studio.

staraya russa logo
The logo reflects a fountain spouting out of the ground and an image of a soaring bird

Elements of the logo look great on water-related items: cups for drinking mineral water, beach accessories, liveries of buses that take visitors to picturesque river banks and many others.

staraya russa milkpot
To your health!

staraya russa accessories
A resort set

staraya russa bus
Tourist transport

staraya russa girl

type designer

  • The studio wishes to thank Yulia Komarova for her help with the project
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