Sheremetyevo Airport informational support

Task: to simplify interaction with an airport.

Sheremetyevo now has new wonderful self-service kiosks where passengers can check in, drop off their bags and print a boarding pass without waiting. Special screens introduce the new kiosks and explain how to find them.

The kiosks are located in Terminal B, so passengers first learn about them in the shuttle that runs between terminals.

After entering the terminal, passengers see a huge departure board which introduces the kiosks using large but unobtrusive text.

The second reminder comes right after the giant board, in the check in and bag drop off area. The huge screens there distribute passengers into several flows: one for the economy passengers, another one for business fliers, drop off your bags here, check in there. At the bottom of each screen are directions to the kiosks.

The self-service kiosk area has yet another reminder: yes, you’re in the right place.

Security zone entrance

After passengers dropped off their bags and printed their boarding passes, they head to the security zone. Helpful messages located on doors help them find their way there.

svo support image 07

Pictures on turnstiles show how to scan the boarding pass to enter.

The floor in front of the turnstiles has a special stripe that helps people maintain an orderly line.

svo support image 06

Wi-Fi information

After going through security, passengers can relax and wait for their flight. To make waiting more fun, the airport offers free Wi-Fi access which is advertised on departure boards.

svo support image 04+

Gate screens

Each boarding gate is equipped with a screen. Previously, these screens only came to life during boarding, but now they remain useful between flights, showing the status of the next three flights departing from this gate.

svo support image 03+
The result is impressive! The self-service information became very accessible to passengers, even though we don’t emphasize it on screens and boards. Now guests of the airport can easily learn how they can check in, print a boarding pass and drop off their bags all by themselves, saving time.»
Denis Bukhtienko, Head of the Innovation System Service, Sheremetyevo International Airport

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  • The studio wishes to thank Denis Bukhtienko and Igor Gaponov for their help with the project
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