Uganda Intelligent Transport Monitoring System brand platform and identity


Ever year, the number of road accidents, including those involving fatalities, on Uganda’s roads is increasing. The main reasons are dangerous driving and poor condition of vehicles.


traffic accidents in 2021



3−5 % GDP

spent on eliminating consequences of accidents

The boda-boda, or motorcycle taxi, account for most of the traffic. However, they are often operated by people with no driver’s license. In addition, due to lack of regulation, boda-boda are often used for committing theft.

Today, the Ugandan authorities are introducing more order, and one of the instruments is the Intelligent Transport Monitoring System (ITMS). We developed a brand platform and an identity for the system that help understand and accept the new rules that affect people in everyday life.

Barriers to innovation

The main obstacle is the rumors about trackers that monitor the movement of vehicles. They make people worry about their privacy and losing money.

A classic problem of balance between safety and control arises: there is a demand for better driving and protection from crime, but no desire to be under the watchful eye of government agencies.

Unlimited freedom
Total control

Brand platform

Since the system is used to solve problems that drivers are unable to resolve on their own (finding a stolen car, locating a robber’s motorcycle, etc.), it should be explicitly stated that restrictions are necessary not to curtail freedoms, but to ensure safety.

ITMS protects drivers
and their vehicles
in the midst of danger

A tracker is an amulet
that creates a protective field
around its owner

It protects diligent drivers and informs law enforcement about violators and criminals. This way, users feel they are in control of the situation. The idea is inflected in a simple slogan involving everyone in modernization.


The visual concept is based on the idea of a common security perimeter: a person with access to ITMS finds himself in a protected space amidst the chaos of traffic. He is protected by the law and tries to follow the rules himself. The more such drivers there are, the less disorder there is: personal safety turns into collective safety.

The intersection of ovals forms the shield from the country’s coat of arms. The simple combination of solid lettering and lightweight shapes around it allows to create logos for any sub-brands.

A powerful contrast is created on advertising materials: the rounded sign and bars are contrasted with spiky, chaotic abstract shapes on the background. The simple, but infinitely varied graphics look great in print, in the digital environment and on the traditional Ugandan murals. The green color fades slowly in the sun and is not associated with major brands of the local market.

itms tent


Ugandans love decorated vehicles and branded merchandise. That’s why the main media—the trackers, customs stickers and vehicle inspection stickers—is covered in patterns and bright colors, transforming them from boring government property into eye-catching accessories.

Clothing, helmets, signal vests and key chains also easily become branded amulets and tools for communication and encouragement of law-abiding drivers.

The ITMS identity and brand platform are gently introducing a culture of responsible driving to everyday lives of millions of Ugandans, helping to save lives.

  • The studio wishes to thank Damir Makhmutov, Artur Vildanov, Galina Svalova, Artyom Bayda and Ilya Belyakov for their help with the project
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