Graphics and video for Gazprom

Gazprom is the title sponsor of the Games of the Future 2024 that are based on the “phygital” concept which combines real competitions with virtual ones. It is most similar to biathlon: participants first compete on simulators, and then move on to real arenas. Graphics and a video for Gazprom were created in the studio.

The graphics blend familiar images from both esports and physical competitions. Elements from computer games enter the real world, while familiar sports equipment infiltrates the digital universe. The extensive multisport tournament brings together five disciplines with participants competing in tactics, strategy, knowledge of modern technologies, speed and strength.

The created images support the idea of uniting sports and art. Graphics have been designed for six phygital disciplines: football, basketball, martial arts, hockey, racing and skateboarding.

gazprom gotf screen
gazprom gotf stickers
gazprom gotf final

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Made in 47 days
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