Ad Logo 155th Anniversary Identity

Advertising for the 155th anniversary of the Moscow Zoo

Task: to tell about the anniversary of the Moscow Zoo.

Anatoly Bogdanov, one of the creators of the Moscow Zoo, called it “a living museum in the open air.” Just like museums, the Zoo collects its exhibits from all of the world, carefully protects them, researches and demonstrates to the visitors.

A series of posters tells about the anniversary of the Zoo with the help of museum metaphors and emphasizes that the priority of the Zoo is preservation of rare and endangered animal species.

moscow zoo 155 board 01
moscow zoo 155 board 02
moscow zoo 155 board 03

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

creative director

  • Aleksandr Shtefanets


  • Ksenia Lazareva


  • Vladimir Korzh

secret advisor

  • Egor Zhgun


  • Polina Khilkevich


  • Anna Balabas


  • Ilya Krokhin

project manager

  • Svetlana Kost
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