Moscow Zoo brand strategy and identity

Task: to change the image of the Moscow Zoo.

The Moscow Zoo is one of the symbols of the capital and one of the oldest zoos in Europe (it was founded in 1864). Evolving over the years, it has retained its main purpose: to educate and entertain visitors and instill in them a love for animals. However, time dictates its own rules and today the primary concern has become preserving rare species. The updated image will help more accurately broadcast the ideas of the modern zoo.

First of all, the zoo is a huge scientific center. It employs professional zoologists who take care of animals, ensure their comfort and save rare species from extinction.

moscow zoo identity history

The brand strategy reflects the diverse life of the zoo and helps regain public trust through visual tools.

moscow zoo identity iceberg

The strategy explains how to convey information about the zoo’s scientific work and remind that visiting a zoo is a fun and rewarding experience.

People generally go to the zoo out of curiosity. The Moscow Zoo knows about that and tells interesting facts about animals in a plain language.

moscow zoo identity cards

Now the zoo speaks to visitors in a new visual language, becoming closer and easier to understand. The images remind about its mission: to take care of animals, preserving rare species like Noah’s Ark. The new identity opens eyes to the timeless values of the zoo: developing respect for nature and imparting the desire to learn more about the animal world.

The new identity helps people take a fresh look at the oldest zoo.

The main characters of the identity are animals themselves that look as if they are coming out of darkness into the light. They are represented by peaceful natural colors that look great on any posters, signs and banners.

moscow zoo identity animals

The animals are simply beautiful.

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