Moscow Zoo anniversary logo

Task: to design a logo.

The Moscow Zoo has been opened for 155 years. Over this time, it became home for thousands of animals and saved many species from extinction.

The logo features the historic symbol of the zoo, a manul!

Manuls have a prominent place in the zoo’s history. For almost 30 years a manul has been the emblem of the zoo, of its comprehensive scientific and educational work.

The Moscow Zoo was the first in the world to achieve stable breeding of manuls. Even today, Moscow manuls are leading by the number of babies with over 140 kittens born since 1975!

A golden bas-relief of a manul greeted visitors at the main entrance and was well known to Muscovites, zoo employees and the international zoological community.

The logo shows that the Moscow Zoo is not just an amusement park. First of all, it is a serious research facility tasked with saving animal species from extinction.

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The Moscow Zoo is about loving animals, ecology, knowledge, caring for nature and the environment.

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