Murmansk bus stop shelters

Task: to design convenient and practical shelters.

Murmansk is the largest polar city in the world with cold winters and cool summers. The city’s transportation network connects the peripheral areas with the center and includes over three hundred shelters. All of them must be adapted to the harsh climate, allowing passengers to wait for their bus in comfort. The studio figured out a way to do it.

The clever design takes into account the weather conditions of different seasons. The roof has a slope as lots of snow accumulates on it in the winter. The height of the ceiling allows to easily install infrared heaters.

murmansk bus stop 02

The black frame references Scandinavian motifs, while yellow glass panes and interior trim add color to the surroundings and create a feeling of sunlight.

murmansk bus stop 03

There is also a special container for tools and chemicals.

murmansk bus stop 04

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Made in 101 days
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