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Polar Explorer playground in Murmansk


Cozy Valley is a large forest area in Murmansk where people can walk and do sports all year round. The Polar Explorer children’s playground was designed in the studio for the park and brought to life with the help of Chekharda. The new landmark attracts even more visitors from all over the city.

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Everything is united by a common theme: the visit of a curious polar bear to a polar station.

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The bear and most of the play equipment are made of treated logs: this allows the playground to fit neatly into the natural surroundings.

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On the roof of the station is a command post consisting of a hearing pipe and an acoustic dish. Children can climb up and talk to their friends on the ground.

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There are three targets at different heights for playing snowballs.

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There is a separate area with sand and a smaller slide for the tiniest visitors.

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Polar night in Murmansk lasts almost a month and a half, so illumination is placed even inside the structures.

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secret advisors

project manager

  • From Chekharda


chief architect

  • Darya Bychkova


  • Maria Pomelova
  • Pyotr Kopylov

project manager

  • Victoria Buchenkova
  • The studio wishes to thank the Ministry of Urban Planning and Land Development of the Murmansk Region and the Center of Urban Development of the Murmansk Region for their help with the project
Made in 186 days
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