• Industrial design
  • Nero
  • The making of the Magic Relay for Nero Electronics

    Overview• Process

    Receiving a working sample from the client. Understanding how it works.

    nero relay process 01

    Looking at other relays on the market. All of them appear very complex, only a professional would be able to install them properly.

    nero relay process 02

    Deciding to do away with screwdriver wire terminals, moving them out of the case on to the wires. Choosing the best solution.

    nero relay process 03

    This gives us a chance to make the relay smaller.

    nero relay process 04

    Suggesting different layout variants to the client and immediately coming up with related case designs.

    nero relay process 06

    Getting the client’s approval for the layout and starting to work on the case. The case is made of two identical parts, inventing a clever lock to hold them together. Covering the connections with a silicon band.

    nero relay process 07

    Printing a mock-up in real size. Molding the silicon piece and putting everything together. Comparing to the original version.

    nero relay process 08

    Choosing the color solution. Printing graphics.

    nero relay process 09