Touch panel interface for Vasily Polenov exhibition

Task: to design an interface for touch panels.

Vasily Polenov is one of Russia’s most prominent painters. He was an innovator of landscape painting, theater artist, architect, composer and writer.

In 2019, the Tretyakov Gallery is hosting a large exhibition of the artist’s works. The touch panels Ghosts of Hellas and Architectural Art help make the exhibition even more interesting.

The captivating animation on the first screen immediately attracts the attention of visitors.

The interface is just as easy to use as an iPad or a smartphone. The information can be scrolled with a finger and all menu items are displayed at the bottom.

The project includes many exciting features that would be impossible to demonstrate without the help of multimedia screens. For example, visitors can see how a sketch of a painting evolves over time by shining ultraviolet and infrared lights on a picture.

Polenov tried different variants of composition and made changes in the preliminary drawing of a painting

X-rays reveal that the artist relocated the Venus statue and the trees and painted a figure on the steps of the temple.

Infrared examination exposes pencil lines over the layer of paint.

Each touch panel has a QR code. Just scan it to download one of Polenov’s paintings with a quote!

The quotes are designed so that they are more than suitable for a story post on a social network account of any modern intellectual.

art director


motion designer


beta tester


project manager

Made in 35 days
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