Volna range of city objects

Task: to create a range of street furniture for gardens and boulevards.

Volna is a range of street furniture with smooth shapes that makes city gardens and boulevards cozy and welcoming. The human-made rounded elements and soft outlines look natural among trees, grass and stones.

volna table+

Bench, table and information stand supports, bicycle racks, trash cans and other elements of the range are made of artificial stone. The heavy material allows to simply place the furniture on the ground without additional fastening. Seats and table tops are made of larch that is warm and pleasant to the touch.

volna urna+

Stone tree grilles protect tree routes.

volna tree+

Lawns are fenced with low metal fences with a beautiful pattern. A similar motif can be seen on drain grates.

volna reshetka+

Classic manhole covers are decorated with a pattern made of rounded triangles.

volna luk+

Flower beds of two types were created for bright decorative flowers: low-rise stone beds that are simply placed on the ground and metal planters that can be attached to lamp posts.

volna flower+

Trash cans are everywhere, they are easy to use and monumental. Some can be complemented by an ashtray lid.

volna urna 2+

Bicycle racks have metal handles for securing bike locks. The racks can be installed in sections or individually. Unusual lamp posts with hollow frame lamps highlight leaves and branches and pleasantly illuminate pathways.

volna view+

The range contains 18 objects.

volna florus 10+
volna fonarius 6+
volna livnestokus 3+
volna ogradus 4+
volna ogradus 5+
volna ogradus 6+
volna ogradus 7+
volna reshetkus 3+
volna skameikus 13+
volna stendus 4+
volna stolbikus 3+
volna stolbikus 4+
volna veloparkovkus 7+

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Timur Burbaev

industrial designers

  • Aleksandr Blagov
  • Andrey Chirkov
  • Svyatoslav Saakyan


  • Dmitry Cherednikov

project manager

  • Svetlana Kost
Made in 62 days
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