Aksis ecosystem interface concept and promo page

Task: to design a user interface concept and come up with a promo page for a huge ecosystem.

Aksis is an ecosystem where IT companies offer services for business optimization and digitalization. A promo page and user interfaces that help digital services providers and clients find each other were designed in the studio.

Promo page

The page introduces the ecosystem in an easy to understand way and explains why you should get involved in the project.

Account page

The personal account page contains all the necessary information about the company.

aksis site lk

Rating system

The rating reflects the level of digitalization of the company, which becomes an additional factor when choosing a service provider.

aksis site rating


The showcase presents all available vendors with beautiful cards.

aksis site showcase
The system groups them into different collections.

Service page

The service page has a form to submit a request for implementation. This is also where you can read reviews and look at statistics.


A separate page shows recommended and already implemented services. You can see the status of ongoing work, contact your manager or send documents.

The concept looks great in dark theme and on mobile devices.

aksis site bottom

3D designer and coder

project managers

Made in 79 days
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