Beeline Business blog

Task: to design a blog and remain respectful to its content.

Beeline Business is a blog where experts in finance give advice on managing teams, purchasing advertising, protecting servers, managing time and reducing costs and solve many other important issues.

The articles are extremely useful but long and filled with special terminology, which is why we had to make sure the readers would remain engaged from the moment they start reading and the thought of stopping halfway through would never cross their mind. This is why we created mock-ups that draw and firmly hold attention.

Moreover, our designers were able to make articles look attractive even before you start reading them. The main page became modular and simple, but at the same time extremely diverse.

Each article is represented by a card of a different size, giving more variety to the serious feed.

In contrast to the playful main page, the search is very calm and strict. Filtering carefully sorts articles by dates and categories, each represented with its own hash tag.

In the hands of a skillful editor, materials of various formats created by designers become a powerful tool for managing readers’ attention.

Explanations are separated from the main text
Examples on gray bars can be easily seen in the text
Important thoughts grab attention, encouraging to start reading
Expert quotes add life
Factoids grab attention even when skimming an article
Comparison tables help avoid length descriptions
Conclusion repeats the main points of the article

If the reader enjoyed the article, they can instantly share it on social networks, find related texts or buy a subscription, all from the same page.

Illustrations in Beeline’s traditional style—explosive and a tad bizarre—were created for the blog. Organized typography laid out in neat modules acts as a calm counterbalance. The result is sufficiently serious and unconventional.

Made in 24 days
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