Mobile Enterprise website for Beeline

Task: to introduce a new product for small and medium businesses.

Beeline offers an entire range of online services to its business clients including a cloud PBX, task service, messenger, ad tracking service, callback widget, etc. Together, these services are known as Mobile Enterprise. A dynamic website was developed to introduce the complex product.

The main page first lists the components of Mobile Enterprise and then uses realistic examples to show how the services can simplify and optimize corporate operations.

A recognizable element: the product logo in the shape of a plus sign in Beeline’s corporate colors. When the page is scrolled, the plus rotates like a helicopter rotor gradually moving away from the viewer.

The company offers a lot of services and a separate page was created for each of them. All of the pages follow the same design principles as the main page.

First, the visitor learns how a service works.

Services operate in bundles, so the description includes links to other services.

Real-life situations demonstrate effectiveness of the service.

At the end is the price block that allows to compare and choose a suitable price plan.

Brief vignettes were filmed for each page. On the main page they come together in a video that clearly illustrates how easy and simple it is to work with Mobile Enterprise.

director and cameraman

secret advisor

project managers

  • From Beeline

interface designer

  • Aleksandr Grenkov


  • Ekaterina Yukhnevich

content editor

  • Yulia Bal

project manager

  • Yulia Zaitseva
Made in 30 days
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