Direct Sales section for the website about working at Beeline

Task: to make the idea of working in a large company understandable to a job seeker.

Beeline is one of the leading providers of communication services, and the number of the company’s vacancies is constantly growing.

One of the new areas is direct sales. Work in this field consists of holding personal meetings with clients to tell them about new services and possibilities.

Previously, a website about working at Beeline was created in the studio, where the company appeared as a huge planet containing clients and employees.

The new section of the website continues to develop this theme: everything in it revolves around Beeline with satellite planets floating nearby. All of the planets are unique, beautiful and high-tech.

Beeline will stop growing without new clients.

Employees working in direct sales hold personal meetings with potential clients. Like travelers on rockets, they traverse the endless space in search of new plants.

Traveling to find new clients provides ample opportunities to make money.

The website helps calculate future salary based on the time spent and the number of sales made.

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project manager

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