Beeline Large Business website

Task: to demonstrate the scale of Beeline services for large businesses.

Beeline is a company that employs 20,000 people. Beeline’s corporate clients are many times larger. Services offered to such clients are introduced on a website where the scale of business is shown with giant numbers.

Small collages emphasize the meaning of the numbers

Visitors to the website see in which areas Beeline can help them: all services are divided into nine sections. After studying them, visitors can click the yellow button to order a callback.

We rewrote all marketing texts and distilled the essence: what challenges businesses face (goes into the left column) and how it can be resolved (recommendations are to the right). All information has been translated from marketing-speak to the human language.

Themed compositions were created for different service categories: people launching a rocket while holding hands, a client choosing a call center operator using a special algorithm, an office employee sending data to a colleague in a park via rainbow-colored networks: all images are beautiful and non-trivial.

technical designer

project managers

  • From Beeline


interface designer

  • Aleksandr Grenkov


  • Ekaterina Yukhnevich

content editor

  • Yulia Bal

project manager

  • Yulia Zaitseva
Made in 15 days
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