Range of devices for Intranav tracking system

Task: to design a range of tracking devices.

Intranav is a local positioning system developed by the German company of the same name. It is used in factories and warehouses to monitor activity of workers, movement of goods and location of tools in real time.

The uninterrupted operation of the system is ensured by a range of products developed at Art. Lebedev Studio.

Intranav Node is a device that is placed under the ceiling on a special swivel bracket to monitor everything that is happening in a given area.

A silicone plug protects the device from rain.

quantitec black_

Intranav Asset Tag is a device with an intricately designed mount. The metal part is attached to a container while the plastic case connects to the metal part.

The electronics inside is securely protected to ensure moisture doesn’t enter the device under any circumstances.

quantitec box

Intranav Vehicle Tag is a device that can be attached to forklifts in a number of ways, for example with bolts or ties.

It is equipped with a powerful antenna that is oriented vertically for better reception.

quantitec table

Intranav Asset Tag Micro is a box with a button that attaches to workers’ clothes or large tools.

The top part is made of silicone and combines the functionality of device housing and a button, reducing the production cost. The device can be quickly disassembled without tools, allowing to replace the battery very easily.

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