Website of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

MIPT (PhysTech) is a leading technical university in Russia that educates physicists, mathematicians, engineers, programmers and researchers. Today, MIPT ranks high in both Russian and global professional ratings. A website with a vast amount of useful information was created for the institute in the studio.

Prospective applicants, current students, graduates, postgraduates and staff require entirely different information. However, all of it is accessible from the main page thanks to convenient tabs. Choosing any of them dynamically changes the content without reloading.

The website contains crucial knowledge about the institute and shares it with visitors. Thanks to the news section, it also serves as a source of current information for journalists. Laboratories and departments regularly update the news feed, and materials from it are compiled in the “All News” section.

A beautiful icon has been created for each visitor category. The icons originate from the informal symbol of MIPT, Ashnyu. These “characters” help users quickly navigate to the desired section and aspire to become the official mascots of the university.


The patterns used to design the main pages of key sections make the website lively and dynamic.

MIPT includes several PhysTech schools. The school pages are also adorned by patterns, but these are crafted from the logos of the respective divisions. These patterns stylistically unite all the schools into a cohesive whole.

Everyone who has ever been associated with the university is also referred to as a PhysTech. Each PhysTech, from current students to legends of Russian science, has their own page, describing the projects in which the person has participated and including their authored publications.


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  • Art. Lebedev Studio wishes to thank Igor Stanislavovich Krasikov for his help with the project
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