Raiffeisenbank card design

Task: to create a flexible system for designing bank cards.

Raiffeisenbank’s cards are used by millions of people. The bank has many types of cards of various levels. To make sure all of them have the same style and can never be confused with cards of competing banks, a unified style and a bright graphic language were needed.

Recently, Raiffeisenbank has introduced a trilateral principle of building all layouts, symbolizing simplicity, clarity and competence: all cards are made of three blocks. This makes them similar to each other but strikingly different from cards of other banks.

The system of individual card design developed at the studio fully complies with the bank’s compositional principles. And most importantly, it’s simple and effective: the patterns reflect features or names of cards.

All cards have different levels of benefits. The more premium a card is, the more striking its pattern.

The cards are made of yellow plastic and are so bright that you can easily find them even in the most tightly packed wallet.

The simple and clear system allows to create new wonderful cards according to the principles we developed.

We came up with so much beautiful stuff that there was enough for both the project itself and a video of how it was made.

technical designer

Made in 95 days
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