Raiffeisen Sphere identity

Task: to come up with an identity for a program of a major bank.

Raiffeisenbank is creating an environment for its employees where they can comfortably work and quickly implement ideas that change people’s financial life for the best. The bank has many internal corporate programs designed to improve the well-being of its employees, their involvement, loyalty and productivity.

To bring all these programs together, a new brand, Raiffeisen Sphere, was created.

Identity and naming for the brand were created at the studio. The sphere represents many beautiful parts that come together to create something amazing.

Sphere combines five subsystems that are responsible for the happiness of every employee: career, financial and social well-being, mental and physical health.

The result are five independent subsystems: Development, Finance, Harmony, Well-being and Health.

The identity for the bank’s HR brand was created at the studio earlier. This led to the creation of Raiffeisen Career which laid the foundation for unique, recognizable styles for all of the bank’s HR projects.

art director


technical designer

Made in 19 days
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