Raiffeisen Career identity

Task: to create an identity for an HR brand of a large bank.

Raiffeisen Career is a division of Raiffeisenbank that is in charge of attracting active and determined specialists to the company. The logo literally reflects the desire of potential employees to become a part of Raiffeisen’s team. The arrow pointing inwards forms the first letter of the word “career.”

The recognizable yellow and black colors as well as strict graphics make the logo an unmistakable sibling to the Raiffeisen logo. The arrow becomes an active graphic element that symbolizes constant movement, development, growth, influx of new people and acceleration of personal and professional growth of each employee.

raiffeisen career city

Different color schemes are used for different target audiences. Young employees and student interns are green juniors. Pros got a rich red while front office workers live in a blue world.

Colors provide a noticeable contrast to Raiffeisen’s signature yellow

The Career colors are combined with Raiffeisen’s yellow only on a neutral gray background.

raiffeisen career poster
raiffeisen career phone
raiffeisen career selfie

The signature dynamic arrows add drive to the office routine.

raiffeisen career door
raiffeisen career table
raiffeisen career cooler
raiffeisen career rules
Made in 23 days
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