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Simferopol International Airport website

Task: to create a website for Crimea's main airport.

Simferopol International Airport is the gateway to splendor, seas, mountains, sun, sand, rest and relaxation. The main page of the website welcomes visitors with stunning views of Crimean nature and the most necessary information: the flight schedule. A convenient system of dashboards on the internal pages allows to quickly find information.

Pleasant color coding breaks down all information on the website into relative categories. Those who are preparing for a flight see pages with a deep blue and slightly cloudy sky.

Arriving passengers are welcomed by a cozy warm sunset.

The most important pages and services are colored deep blue.

Color coding also applies to all the auxiliary elements of the website. Service icons, dashboards and information inserts are painted in the colors of their corresponding categories.

A special interactive map helps people navigate the airport. It can be used to find way to the airport, search for parking lots, cafés and food courts.

For the convenience of the users, map widgets are located on website pages that are related to the points on the interactive map.

Made in 143 days
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