Art object for Ultra City residential development

Task: to create an art object.

Ultra City is a residential development in Saint Petersburg located at Komendantsky Avenue, 60. A beautiful and functional art object was created at the studio, a recognizable symbol that helps the community stand out among cookie-cutter developments that seem to surround the country’s Northern Capital. The object visually matches Ultra City’s architecture and serves as a meeting place for its residents.

The object looks like peel of a bright fruit which can be a green apple, an orange, or a pineapple. Curls of various sizes create a shape that looks different when viewed from different angles and invites to be explored.

ultra city side

Brightly colored concrete is covered with wood on one side making it pleasant to sit, lay and dance on, as well as to lean on and climb on top of. At night, the spiral is illuminated.

ultra city night

The object is not an untouchable objet d’art, it’s a decoration for a residential community that blends into the surroundings, evokes fresh emotions and invites to take a rest.

art director


project manager

Made in 181 days
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