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Yakutsk design code

Task: to transform Yakutsk.

Yakutsk is the capital of the Republic of Sakha and the largest city of Russia in the permafrost zone. Despite the harsh climate, the population is only growing while the local life and the rich culture are being preserved.

Now Yakutsk has its own design code, a plan for the city’s global transformation into a comfortable, modern and colorful northern metropolis.

yakutsk building

Central avenue façades are brought to life by traditional patterns and magnificent murals with folk motifs that reflect the habits and traditions of the natives.

yakutsk facade

One of distinctive features of Yakutsk are exposed engineering structures and stilt houses. Authentic patterns applied to the lower levels and technical communications perfectly blend into the industrial appearance of the city.

yakutsk pipes

The zoning of the street and road network and the organization of pedestrian crossings create a safe and comfortable environment that invites to take a walk around the city and properly explore it.

yakutsk dc elements 01
yakutsk dc elements 02
yakutsk dc elements 03
yakutsk dc elements 04
yakutsk dc elements 05
yakutsk dc elements 06
yakutsk dc elements 07
yakutsk dc elements 08
yakutsk dc elements 09
yakutsk dc elements 10
yakutsk dc elements 11
yakutsk dc elements 12

The design code helps Yakutsk preserve its architectural appearance and save the city from excessive decorations and visual noise.

As well as to maintain its identity and local flavor so that everyone who has visited Yakutsk at least once would remember it with warm feelings.

было станет

было станет

  • The studio wishes to thank the team of the Yakutia Urban Environment Competency Center and the Urbanists of the North community for their help with the project
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