Institute of Network Technologies website

For almost thirty years, the Institute of Network Technologies in Saint Petersburg has been developing and implementing innovative solutions in the field of information and communication technologies for government agencies and private corporations. The studio has created a respectable website for this reputable organization.

The secure digital infrastructure consists of numerous elements. Each of them has been adorned with themed animations that accompany the narrative throughout the entire website.

Each product is presented by its own elegant illustration.

Devices and their combinations are grouped by segments, forming an informative interactive diagram which presents the diversity of complex solutions in a comprehensible manner.

Product pages delve into the details of specific technologies, revealing their unique features.

To enhance readability and diversity among acronyms and numbers, key advantages are denoted using strict linear illustrations.

To maintain the established corporate identity, we have revamped the Granat typeface and created a special style for headers and subheadings.

Using the user-friendly client portal clients add employees to monitor the purchased systems, download software updates and keep track of licenses.

On the company history page dates and events come together to form a visually appealing timeline, narrating the key achievements of the Institute of Network Technologies.

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