Fan Route posters

Task: to design posters with routes for soccer fans.

A huge number of fans come to Moscow for the 2018 World Cup. To help them get to the stadiums and the fan zone by the Metro, we created posters for each station with three routes: to Luzhniki Stadium, to Spartak Stadium and to the fan zone.

The route from is shown both on the Metro map and in a simplified linear form, making it easy to remember transfer stations along the way.

Seven hundred fifty six routes were drawn by a program. Instead of hiring a hundred designers, we are using supertechnologies. Whoosh and a single template turns into files for every station.


  • The studio wishes to thank Maria Kuzmina, Anna Emralitskaya, Zhanna Ermolina, Gusin Remikhanov and Roman Latypov for their help with the project
Made in 24 days
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