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Art. Lebedev Studio news: 2006

December 18 Our Japanese online store launched. 日本語のストアを開店しました

December 12 Optimus mini three version 2.0 now shipping

December 7 November collection of illustrators’ works published

December 1 NAIS billboard completed

November 30 Website of LSR Industrial and Construction Group opened

November 29 Samsung i320 phone promotion website launched

Design of Super-Duper salt and pepper shaker set completed

November 20 Nokiatrends music festival website launched

November 17 Website of Versivo Association goes online

November 9Island” movie poster completed

Logo of Ntegra equipment series produced by NT-MDT created

November 8 October collection of illustrators’ works published

November 7 Optimus mini three keyboard wins Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New in Computing” award

November 2 Greeting card with confetti inside for Microsoft clients created

Spartak Stadium website launched

October 31 For those who treasure Halloween as an opportunity to have a bite, the Cucurbitum disposable plate was designed

October 29 Did it a long time ago, yet until now could’t get around to telling about it: design of promotional items for Camel cigarettes completed

October 27 Design of the book “Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Framework” by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers completed

Mooqla dolls website launched

October 26 Design of the book “Formula of Time” by Gleb Arkhangelsky completed

Design of Sinus pitcher and glasses completed

October 24 Internet Dating CD cover design completed

October 20 Optimus Upravlator keyboard design completed

October 17 Design of Vinolentis playing cards completed

October 13 Nokia N93 phone promotion website opened

R. O. S. T. Registrar website put into service

Corporate identity of Crown cottage community completed

October 12 Website of Platform 2007 conference held by Microsoft launched

October 9 Promotion website and advertising materials for Windows Media Center promotion event created

October 7 A newer version of Optimus Configurator released. It now includes Gmail check plug-in and a new plug-in for iTunes

October 6 September collection of illustrators’ works published

Commercials and print ads for two Activ brand advertising campaigns completed

October 3 Azercell Telecom website goes online

September 29 Union corporate identity completed

September 23 Corporate identity and packaging for Mooqla dolls completed

September 22 Interface of a WAP browser for Samsung’s new mobile phones completed

Design of 12-outlet power strip Rozetkus completed

September 21 Samsung University website launched

September 11 August collection of illustrators’ works published

September 4 Mandership (the original in Russian) by Artemy Lebedev to be published on paper

August 25 Design of Sokol 37 ТЦ 7364 television set body completed

August 23Speech Without Cause . . . or Editorial Columns” by Sergey Dovlatov published

August 17 Some are already unboxing Optimus mini three

August 9 Design of “Selection and Secrets of Gaming Consoles” CD cover completed

August 7 July collection of illustrators’ works published

August 4 Design of the double album Three Withered Souls by Reutoff group completed

August 2 Design of Sententia ashtray completed

Design of covers and two CDs of the Auto Crimes series completed

July 19 Design of the book “Same Author“ by Mikhail Barshchevsky completed

July 18 Design of Robur intellectual wrist exerciser completed

July 15 Design of Saturum armchair completed

July 14 Illustrations section opened in our store

July 10 Website of BBK In’Ergo DVD equipment opened

July 3 June collection of illustrators’ works published

June 30 Vladimir Spivakov website opened

Saugella intimate hygiene products website opened

June 26 Shake cocktails website launched

June 14 Our publishing house is preparing “The Diary of a Maniac Designer” by Yana Frank for publication

June 13 Website of “The Right Server”, a promotion event of Microsoft, HP, and Intel

June 9Negative” by Leo Timofeyev published by Kolibri

June 8 Design of Orbiculus thumbtacks created

Third version of Microsoft Russian website launched

June 7 Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club website opened

June 6 Website of Nokia promotion event “Music Picks of the Week” launched

June 5 May collection of illustrators’ works published

Design and concept of MDM Bank’s promotion event “Do You Buy It or Not?” created

Website of the First Ukrainian International Bank launched

June 1 Website of Latvia-based Reaton opened

BR-31 remote control of Sine Wireless, a wireless lighting control system, designed

May 29 Design of Tetrius magnet set completed

May 25 Samsung Photoclub site opened

May 24 Design of S7 Airline lunchbox and everything that’s put inside it completed

May 18 Kyivstar GSM website launched

May 17 Third version of Samsung MP3 Club website opened

Design of Azimut corporate booklet completed

May 16 Cover design of another two books in the series by Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing house completed: “Manager’s Way From Beginner to Guru” and “Gorgeous Events. Technologies and Practice of Event Management” by Alexander Shumovich

May 6 mc² retail center print ad series completed that’s going to be printed in Latvian magazines in May and June

Trolleys with Volzhanin beer transit advertising seen running in the streets of Volgograd, Samara, Saratov, Krasnodar, and Astrakhan

May 3 April collection of illustrators’ works published

April 22 Design of Vector holder for small items created

Interface of the Boss-Referent system created

April 19 Second version of Medicina website launched

Beta version of Yandex Music site opened

Fifth Yandex Mail goes online

April 18 Website of Microsoft promotion campaign “It’s about your security, not about a tick” opened

April 15 Restavracia-N website completed

April 14 Design of the book “The Marketing Machine. How to Become a Good Marketing Director” by Igor Mann and Anna Turusina completed

April 12 Print ad for Space Race TV series aired on Channel One released

Second version of Samsung Electronics website in Uzbekistan launched

April 7Mexican Rascals” CD cover design completed

Selection and Secrets of Digital Cameras” CD cover design completed

April 6 March collection of illustrators’ works published

March 24 Design of IKEA stand at HotelExpo 2006 exhibition completed

March 22 Yandex Blogs and Forums Search 1.0 opened

March 21 Fourth version of Samsung Electronics Russian website goes online

March 20 Design of Izoterm series convector heaters completed

March 14 Ancor Energy Services website launched

The Soyuznick Party took place a while ago, but its design still brings tears of mirth to our eyes

Sun City album published

March 9 February collection of illustrators’ works published

Design of the book “Practical PR. Specialist’s Guide” by Andrey Mamontov and Igor Mann completed

March 3 Ridibundus smiley set design created

March 2 Nokia promotion website “Leave No Trace Snowboarding Movement in Russia!” opened

March 1 Samsung advertising campaign “Come On, Oven, Turn Yourself Into a Vacuum Cleaner!” launched

Ancor sends a February 23 greeting card to its clients

February 24 The Book of Letters From Аа to Яя by Yuri Gordon published

February 22 Corporate identity of Enter.IMB Internet bank created

Website of Samsung’s “Yin and Yang” promotion campaign opened

February 21Well, Let’s Move It”, a website for IKEA B-to-B department’s sixth anniversary, opened

Samsung promotion website devoted to Olympic Winter Games in Torino goes online

February 15Computer. Assembly and Repair. A Self-Study Manual” CD cover design completed

Selection and Secrets of Mobile Phones” CD cover design completed

Fourth Way” CD series covers design completed

February 13Fixhult”, an IKEA promotion page, opened

February 11 Locus L405.05 TV antenna designed

February 10 Design of the book “Value Migration: How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition” by Adrian J. Slywotzky completed

February 9 Art. Lebedev Studio store goes online

February 6 Website of Empils, a paint and varnish materials producer, opened

February 3 January collection of illustrators’ works published

Limited edition of Yandex’s second 2006 calendar released

February 2 We managed to hold out against yesterday’s onrush of those flocking to have a look at Optimus mini three. So now there are three different servers giving out the keyboard images. The website is located on still another one

Website about iPod launched

February 1 The world’s first keyboard with color screens Optimus mini three created

January 27 Design of Travel Guide series and five CDs completed

Body design and hardware interface of Azimut 2000 series radio transceiver completed

Logo, corporate identity, and brandbook of Latvia-based Reaton created

January 19 Yandex-Tariff website opened

It warms the cockles of our hearts to see that apart from hanging punctuation on our website, the characters O, C, T, G, Q, W, V, Y, t, f, 1, and 0 are also set a tiny bit beyond the margin. Just as it was meant to be, it’s not a big deal in a layperson’s eye

January 17 Second version of International Moscow Bank website launched

January 14 Design of Evigheden ice tray completed

January 13 From now on, the studio’s portfolio can be viewed as a cloud or in bars

January 11 Yandex 2006 calendar completed

January 10 December collection of illustrators’ works published

January 1 In 2006 Art. Lebedev Studio will deliver more than promised on January 3 last year


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